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Does the Valley View Casino Buffet Have an Age Limit?

valley view casino buffet age limit

Does the Valley View Casino Buffet Have an Age Limit?

A question I get a lot from novice online casino gamblers is about the “age limit” for receiving free casino tokens and/or food at the Valley View Casino. In short the rule of thumb is that you have to be of a certain age in order to “qualify” for a free casino buffet card or food ticket. I’ve heard several different opinions on the matter. Here are my own observations based on personal experience.

The Resort’s Food & Beverages Department are staffed by professionals who are very knowledgeable about what they offer. However, they are human, not computer generated like some of the other departments at the casino. It can take up to an hour to process a full load of applications and/or food cards. If someone is missing or does not complete the required forms, they often end up having to wait for up to two more hours before they can be processed again. This can cause significant delays and confusion during peak business hours. It is a system designed to provide quick and convenient service, but there are a number of people who either don’t know how to properly fill out the forms, don’t follow the rules or don’t have the patience to wait for their turn.

This is a highly recommended place to purchase a free casino card or online gaming coupon if you plan to play at the casino later that night. Once again, it can be frustrating waiting for your turn, especially if there are only a few other players at the table. When participating in a live casino you’re competing against the entire live poker room. However, when playing online at the Valley View Casino you are only competing against the players in your specific room.

Some have suggested that the buffet offers a “limitless” shopping experience due to the fact that there is literally unlimited variety. However, this shopping experience is interrupted every so often by the Valley View Casino’s cashier. The buffet itself can be very boring and repetitive because the same foods are offered each time. It is my firm opinion that the casino should charge a small fee for an individual to be able to sit down and enjoy a meal with unlimited options.

As far as the online casino goes, this buffet definitely offers more opportunities for you to win big money. However, the age limit definitely hurts the casino’s ability to attract a quality player base. This age restriction makes it virtually impossible to keep the online casino’s poker players from degenerating into complete amateurs. If I were in your position, I definitely wouldn’t waste my money on a “wonder” such as the Valley View Casino buffet. The casino has many other options that allow me to play against other skilled players without having to contend with the “age limit”.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the buffet. It is a wonderful place to eat. However, I would encourage anyone who enjoys playing online card games, craps, or other card games to make their purchase of food at another establishment. By doing so, you will be able to play free casino games without having to feel guilty about spending your hard-earned cash at an online casino that has an age limit. In my mind, this type of thinking makes the online casino industry a better one for all involved.