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Valley View Casino Buffet Free

Valley View Casino is a full service casino with an exquisite, comfortable atmosphere. It is known for its large number of games and a great collection of slot machines.

valley view casino buffet free

Resort guests love the casino. The Grand Casino room is one of the finest restaurants in the country. There are five dining rooms to choose from with five to seven styles of cuisine. Enjoy breakfast in the very dining room that you order your food from, then head out to one of the many fine dining establishments in town.

In addition to having the choice of dining or entertainment, guests have free drinks and snacks throughout the day. The only thing you need to bring is your own snacks, which can be taken right into the restaurant. There are plenty of free games, with some options available for table games and casino tables.

The Mountain High Room offers spa treatments, massage services, beauty treatments, acupuncture, massages, pedicures, and manicures. For those who want to mingle, the lounge is available to you can dine by the pool or in one of the resort’s one thousand square foot heated pools.

This room is centrally located on the West Side of the Resort. What’s more, it is near the world-class spa and the convenience of a shuttle to the Northside of the Resort. If your vacation just won’t be complete without taking a trip down the west side, go with the shuttle!

The hotel offers breakfast, dinner, and buffet free and offer shuttle service to the resort from the West Side to the Northside. Even with the many activities offered, guests should not wait to return home for an evening or late night bite to eat!

Guests of the casino can also partake in a complimentary daily maid service, if they so desire. You can book any night of the week for a massage, but the hotel’s choice of times may vary from day to day. Relaxation and rejuvenation are what the Valley View Casino has to offer.

Perhaps the best news for families is that the casinos of the hotel are open 365 days a year for both daily business and entertainment. Valley View Casino Buffet Free is the perfect way to spend the day on a budget and still enjoy all that Las Vegas has to offer.