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Harrah’s at Valley View Casino Center

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Harrah’s at Valley View Casino Center

You know you’re in Las Vegas when you see the Valley View Casino Center buffet. Built to look like a Mexican stand-up comedy club, it’s actually a highly entertaining dining establishment. It’s located on the Las Vegas strip right next to the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. And it’s one of the finest eating places you’ll find in the entire city.

Just off the strip are the” Vallesana Grill & Bar”, which offer a free show every night called “Tales from the Cards”. If you want to get away from the noisy casino floor traffic and the hustle and bustle, this is definitely the place for you. There are two clubs in total: a Mexican themed venue with pool and billiards, as well as an elegant gentleman’s casino room. In the “Mexican” themed restaurant, there is “MEX POP UP”, which is a live musical show featuring maracas and other live music. The “Gambling Haunts” is a great collection of photos taken by professional photographers that are housed within the casino resort itself, allowing guests to enjoy a little bit of reality (just like they would at a real casino)!

But what makes this casino so great is the food! There are almost as many different restaurants in this valley center neighborhood as there are in all the other casinos in Las Vegas! But if your idea of a good time is hitting the slot machines, you won’t want to miss the “ritz-camped” slots at the Vallesana. Every Thursday, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., this is the place to beat the heat.

In addition to the fantastic food, the “ritz-camped” slots offer a unique experience as well. For a small fee, you can step into the world of gambling…and win big! A Valley View casino security job title holder will not be able to attend the main event (the actual game) but will have access to the best slots in the building. To earn the coveted title of “ritz-camped,” you must meet certain criteria:

A casino employee who works in the Valley View casino center will not be able to gamble his or her own money… but can have the opportunity to attend live games provided by the “ritz-camped” slots. You can also enjoy the shows, demonstrations, live entertainment, food, and drinks that are offered at the casino center. Outside of work hours, you can stop by and visit any of the shops located in the center. Of course, you’ll find everything else to fill your day at the valley center.

You can find an excellent lodging option at the Harrah’s at Valley View Casino Center. Overlooking Lake Mead, the hotel features two outstanding restaurants: The Rosemary’s Creek Resort and the Ritzy Cornerstone Inn. Each of these hotels offers complimentary breakfast daily, a full service fitness center, charming rooms, and is located less than a few blocks from the casino floor. The Rosemary’s Creek Resort offers four star accommodations, which include: The Preferred Suite, The Standard Suite, The Grand Hotel Deluxe, and The Ritzy Cornerstone Inn. At the Ritzy Cornerstone Inn, guests can enjoy their own outdoor pool, fire pit, deluxe continental breakfast, and much more. Both of these great hotels are only minutes from the Rosemary’s Creek Resort, where you’ll find the best gaming, live music, hot tubs, luxurious beds, daily drinks served by their onsite staff, great cuisine, and the best entertainment in the area!