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Valley View Casino Buffet Yelp Review

valley view casino buffet yelp

Valley View Casino Buffet Yelp Review

If you are looking for a fantastic place to eat in San Diego, I recommend the Valley View Casino buffet. This restaurant has won many awards because of the top quality food it provides. The service is excellent and the prices are very reasonable.

The Valley View Casino buffet is located on Aliso Street. It has been opened for eleven years and serves some of the best food in town. The food is usually out of this world. And the service is top notch. I’ve always had a wonderful time dining at this buffet.

The most recently featured on Top Chef was the lamb dish with baby back ribs. The combination of baby back ribs and tenderloin was absolutely delicious. My partner’s favorite dish was their steaks served on the Barbie that came from the Colorado River Mountains. She said it was the best tasting beef she has ever had. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very laid back.

The best time to eat at the Valley View Casino Buffet is during the weekdays. It gets busy at times but during Monday through Sunday, you will not have any problems finding a table. During the summer months, the food gets very busy. You need to order early to avoid being disappointed. There are usually plenty of tables available during the week.

Another great feature of the Valley View Casino Buffet Yelp is the location. It is right off of Main Street in the Gaslamp District. This makes it convenient for anyone who lives in the area. If you live a bit south of the restaurant on Melrose Avenue, it would not be a bad choice either. But if you live anywhere near downtown San Diego, it is the right place to go.

My husband adores the food so much that we sometimes order three meals a day, six nights a week, instead of six meals a day. I love it too because it saves me money. We also do split checks for the meals and eat as much as we want. The food is definitely worth the trip.

What makes the food at the Valley View Casino Buffet Yelp standout? The restaurant seems to deliver consistently good food. The service is also very good. The ambience of the restaurant is very relaxing and makes you feel right at home.

There are over twenty types of food that can be ordered at the buffet. Of course most of the food is based on what your taste buds like. However, you can also find it all on one menu. This allows you to see what you like and what you do not. The price at the buffet is very reasonable. The pricing is very comparable with other fine restaurants in the area.

My husband and I plan to frequent the Valley View Casino Buffet Yelp again in the future. It is very popular and we usually make a reservation even when not booking a room. I think it is a great place to take my family when in San Diego. I definitely recommend this restaurant. It is very tasty and will give you and your family an enjoyable evening or afternoon.